SourceForge Logo As mentioned on the main page, bbconf is hosted by What this means is that they graciously have provided us with a CVS repository, webspace to put these pages and screenshots up, and an environment where we can work collectively on this project in a very easy manner.

This also means that you have more ways of staying current, browsing our source, checking out the progress of the project, downloading the source, etc., etc. This is a Good Thing (TM). =:) Below is a list of links for the bbconf project.... You'll notice that we've not yet taken the time to figure out how to use all of sourceforge's resources, so many of the links on the pages for bbconf don't have much in them. Anyone who wants to take the time to learn us in the magical ways of sourceforge is welcome to do so... =:) project home for bbconf

instructions for anonymous CVS access

online CVS browsing (viewcvs)

The above links will allow you to download the source, RPMs or debian packages for bbconf. This includes the main bbconf application and the 4 plugins that it comes with: the menu editor, the keybindings editor, the theme/style editor, and the bbconf configuration plugin. In the below prepackaged distributions for bbconf (the RPM and debian packages), the plugins and bbconf executable will be installed automatically, and bbconf should be able to find its plugins properly and all will be fine and dandy in the world.

A word on the plugins... It is possible to change where bbconf looks for and loads its plugins from. These settings are controlled in the configure script that comes with the bbconf source package below. Please use "./configure --help" to see all of the options available to you. But, briefly, the "--prefix=" switch to the configure script will tell bbconf to base its files from. In other words, if you use "./configure --prefix=/usr/local", then bbconf will look for its plugins in /usr/local/lib/bbconf/plugins.

In addition to the above method of telling bbconf where to find its plugins, bbconf will also automatically look in ~/.bbconf/ for any .so files to load as plugins. Any plugins found in ~/.bbconf/ will override whatever other plugins bbconf finds. This means that you can install newer or different plugins in your own ~/.bbconf/ directory and have bbconf use those.

For a list of recent changes to bbconf, you can browse its ChangeLog here...

And now, on to your choices of bbconf... =:)

Below, you can download the version of bbconf you desire. This is in compressed, tar format.

  • If you want to build an RPM, then download the below tarball, untar and uncompress it, cd into the bbconf directory, and type "./configure", followed by "make dist-rpm".
  • Similarly, if you want a debian package, after running "./configure" successfully, type "make dist-deb". That's simple enough, eh?

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