- version 1.8::
	- fixed keybinding plugin's add command (show -> exec for modal
	  QDialogs now).  Thanks to mwilson for the LATE bug report.

- version 1.6::
	- fixed layout issues so we now fit into 800x600 screen size, yay!

	- using the proper QPaintDevice::x11AppDisplay() rather than 
	  and RootWindow(QPaintDevice::x11AppDisplay(),  
	  instead of qt_xrootwin() throughout the project now...  (thanks for
	  the Qt-down-low, nyz!  =:)

	- now using blackbox's pid to ask him to reconfigure rather than doing
	  'killall -HUP blackbox', which at best is undesirable and at worst
	  is VERY un-neighborly (it's not nice to init 0 SCO boxen
	  unannounced).  We now use the _BLACKBOX_PID atom on the root window
	  to get the pid and kill -HUP it.  Yay!

	- fixing installation directory for bbconf's plugins.  Previously, we
	  stuck these in $(datadir).  These now go in

	- fixing bbconf to understand "~" better.  Ported blackbox's
	  expandTilde() to QString.  Still don't do "~user", but we're better
	  than we were.  =:)  Thanks to Nate Smith for bug reporting!

	- okay, big change... Qt 3.0.3 or > is required for bbconf now.  =:)
	  There's more reasons that I care to list for this, but they're all
	  really good.  =:)

	- pulling in newer and improved-er =:) acinclude.m4, ltconfig, and
	  ltmain.sh from kde3 directories.
	  Hopefully this will allow Brad to compile now.  =:)

	- fix for style-setting changes.  Also, we now dynamically load the
	  list of available styles and populate our look and feel dropdown
	  based on what's really available on the system, rather than
	  hard-coding it.

	- okay, more build fixes for FreeBSD.  FreeBSD calls qt2's moc "moc2".
	  I'm curious to see what havoc we'll wreak with qt3.  libqt3.so?
	  moc3?  Thanks to Kyle Donaldson for the bug reports.  =:)  

	- build fix for redhat boxes (?)--gzipping the man page

	- taking out "(experimental)" from the --enable-mt directive

	- hopefully fixing the layout issues where we were taking up rather
	  large amounts of screen real estate (which was not very nice of us)

	- fixing kckey.cpp (lower/upper-case issues) (was stopping people from
	  being able to use comma, period, space, etc. for keybindings)

	- fixing Makefile.in's for NetBSD builds (probably others too)--we had
	  LDFLAGS overridden in all the plugin Makefiles (why, I don't know).
	  Thanks to Thomas Klausner for the bug report.

- version 1.4::

	- build fixes for FreeBSD--FreeBSD calls qt2's lib libqt2.so, oddly
	  enough.  Also, dlopen() is in libc on FreeBSD, not libdl.so.  So
	  that's fixed also.... Thanks VERY much to Jeff Seely for letting me
	  bug you over and over again to get this right (hopefully)!!! [vanRijn]

	- adding logic to plugin class so we can tell you what file bbconf was
	  trying to save and failed on if it's unable to write it [vanRijn]

	- further added logic to plugin class to check if the directory exists
	  that a plugin is trying to write to.  If it doesn't, then we try to
	  create it.  If that fails, we fall down into the above code and warn
	  the user that the specified file couldn't be written. [vanRijn]

	- added command-line parameters so we can tell bbconf what plugin to
	  start with ("--start-plugin or -s").  We can now also pass parameters to
	  each plugin, such as "bbconf --start 'key bindings' --args \
	  'libkeybindings:loadfile=/home/me/.bbox/keys, \
	  libthemes:loadfile=/home/me/.blackbox/cooltheme' , etc.  [xOr,vanRijn]

	- updated man page for all the new command-line options [vanRijn]

	- added ToggleDecor to keybindings configurator so bbkeys users can
	  toggle window decorations on any given window at will [vanRijn]

	- changed keybinding editor so it starts capturing keystrokes as soon
	  as "custom key" is selected [vanRijn]
	- bug fix (thanks Kevin Breit!) for menu editor plugin.  If our user
	  doesn't pass us a loadfile= directive, and if we can't find a file
	  that blackbox is currently using as its menu, create
	  ~/.blackbox/blackboxmenu for our user when she presses "apply".

	- patch applied slightly altered from Jamin Collins for qt3
	  compilability!!!  =:)  MUCH thanks to Jamin for doing the legwork on
	  this!!!  =:) [vanRijn]

- version 1.2::

	- enhancement -- menu editor--adding code to make menu-editing much
	  more powerful.  You can now move menu items between submenus and
	  totally re-arrange your menu now... [vanRijn]

	- bug fixing -- in menu editor... fixed segfault if user inserts an
	  empty submenu [vanRijn]

	- enhancement -- in theme editor, doing setSelection() in file dialog
	  on the current/last-selected filename so that we're taken
	  immediately to the last root image we used. If we're not dealing
	  with any existing files, then we just bring up file selection dialog
	  in current working directory (standard). [vanRijn]

	- feature request--setting showHiddenFiles(true) for each file
	  dialog we do so people can browse to
	  ~/.blackbox/{backgrounds,themes,bin}, etc. [vanRijn]

	- bug fix (thanks, Daniel Klein (bildzeitung) ) for this report on
	  sourceforge!!  =:).  This fixes the segfault that bbconf had with
	  the keybindings plugin that happened when there was no
	  ~/.bbkeysrc or it couldn't be opened, etc. [vanRijn]

	- cleaning up garbage from kdevelop's environment--annoying as heck

	- removing all automake/autoconf/autoheader stuff--since we have to
	  use admin/am_edit to generate MOC dependencies, etc., we clean up
	  automake's garbage in there. This is an attempt to not cause
	  breakage in slackware builds.  Also, "./configure" should
	  do nothing but generate a platform-specific Makefile; "make"
	  should simply try to build the application based on the Makefile.
	  "make" shouldn't (in my quite-possibly-wrong opinion) even be allowed
	  to know how to rebuild the Makefile or the configure script--that
	  is to be done by the distributors and the end user should have no
	  reason whatsoever to ever do that. [vanRijn]

	- changing all (const char*) casts to QString.latin1()'s (Thanks
	  Andy Kopciuch for the pointers!) [vanRijn]

	- bug fix for compilation problem on Mandrake box--we needed to
	  have Xlib.h above Xresource.h [xOr]

	- fix for menu plugin--if we're browsing for a styles directory,
	  then only let them choose a directory [vanRijn]

- version 1.0::
	- Initial release of bbconf. See http://bbconf.sourceforge.net for
	  all the gory details....  =:)