Welcome to bbconf, the all-in-one blackbox configuration tool. Never heard of blackbox before? Well, let's just say that it's the best Window Manager for X that's out "there" in our humble opinion. Simply put, this little utility here has such lofty goals as being the one place where you can configure anything and everything you need to that has to do with blackbox.

bbconf aims to do that through the use of plugins--plugins which allow you to configure anything you wish about blackbox or its helper applications such as bbkeys, bbpager, bbapm, bbmail, bbpal, etc.

bbconf is distributed with 4 plugins that allow you to configure blackbox's keybindings, blackbox's styles/themes, and your blackbox menus and submenus. The architecture of the plugins themselves are very simple and elegant, thanks to xOr's work--making it easy for anyone else to add onto the distributed plugins to make it easy to configure whatever else you want to for your blackbox/X sessions.

bbconf has grown from two previous gui configuration tools, namely bbkeysconf (the gui blackbox keygrabber configurator) and toolbox (the gui blackbox style/theme editor). But thanks to xOr's help (YAY xOr!! Woot! =:), bbconf has become far more than the combination of those prior two tools. It has taken the place of them (read: no more development will be done on bbkeysconf or toolbox), and has the capability to do FAR much more.

bbconf is written in Qt and in some spots, uses raw Xlib functions to do what it needs to do. Qt Designer was used to help in laying out the forms and base classes--and makes the job of redesign/re-layout MUCH easier. To run bbconf, you'll need Qt libraries. If you want to compile bbconf by hand, you'll need the Qt libraries, X libraries, X development packages and Qt development packages.

SourceForge Logo bbconf owes much to sourceforge.net--they provide the hosting for the CVS repository and bbconf's home page. Umm, they pretty much provide everything we needed to get this project up and running in the (roughly) two weeks that we've been coding madly. All thanks and praise go to them, etc., etc.

bbconf is written and maintained by Jason Kasper (vanRijn) <vR at movingparts dot net> and Ben Jansens (xOr) <xOr at orodu dot net>. Any suggestions, donations, or job offers should go to one of us. =:) All art used in bbconf was done by artwiz and is protected by his ZIWTRA license. bbconf itself is published under the GPL license, version 2.